Having the right team working with you is critical to business success.  Basically, the people on your bus (in your business), your staff, directly influences the quality of care and support you offer.  That is, select the wrong people and it will affect the service you provide, your customer experience, staff morale and culture, efficiency and the risks in your business.

So how can you determine if you have the right team in your NDIS, Allied Health or not-for-profit business?

Well, here’s some thoughts:

First you need to evaluate your team.

So, look at:

Skills and Qualifications:
Do your staff have the necessary skills and certifications. Check their work and contact the bodies that issued their certifications

Cultural Fit:
Do your team members align with your organisation’s values and mission. What do your staff value and do these align with the business?

Performance and Feedback:
Regularly review performance and gather feedback from clients and peers.  Have a performance review framework that checks in at least quarterly with staff.  Use a survey and calls to clients to understand what your clients think about your business.

Next, we look at what we need to do.

Here are 3 tips to resolve staffing issues:

Training and Development:
Invest in ongoing professional development to keep your team updated with the industry standards.

Effective Communication:
Open communication by having regular meetings and providing feedback to address issues early.

Recruitment Strategy:
Revise your recruitment process to attract the right talent with clear job descriptions and thorough interviews.

AccordinHaving the right team working with you ensures a cohesive, skilled, and motivated team dedicated to providing exceptional care to your clients.

If you need help with asking the right questions and assessing a candidate's suitability, I am available to support you with this important task.

Just reach out below https://bit.ly/HPAACall!

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