Cash flow management is crucial to business success. Without proper management a business does not know what is coming in and out or when.  It cannot respond to opportunities or avert crisis promptly.  So, I came up with 7 Strategies to Improve Your Business Cash Flow in 7 Days.

There are quite a few things you can do to manage and improve your cash flow and I have shared a few of my top 7 strategies below:

1. Invoice Each Day
It may seem that it is more efficient to invoice weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.  But remember once the service or product is provided you are entitled to be paid and cash flow will suffer the longer you take to get paid.

4. Paydown Debt
Debt can be helpful at times to help grow the business by financing assets or short-term needs.  This will benefit the business in the longer term.  But having debt like credit cards and overdrafts that don’t get paid off promptly or at all, are a recipe for disaster.  In the longer-term as the business becomes reliant on them for operations rather than growing the business.

6. Review and Systemise Your Processes
Every business is dynamic so what worked today may not be suitable for tomorrow.  Regularly reviewing your business and creating systems for repetitive tasks/processes is a must.  Otherwise, you run the risk of operating inefficiently and are unable to respond quickly to changes in your situation.

If you want more strategies, download My 7 Top Strategies to Improve Your Business Cash Flow in 7 Days. These strategies will help you get some structure around knowing and managing your cash flows in your business. And will save you time and give you peace of mind as well.

To download a copy and start implementing yourself, click this link: