Have you hired an accountant for your small business or do you manage payroll, invoices, taxes and other related operations all by yourself? If you want to optimise your finances and propel your growth, you should hire an accountant NOW.

History shows many business owners delay working with professional accountants as much as they can.  They don’t see the value of investing in an accountant, only thinking of it as an expense.  But the monetary saving costs them many hours of their time and eventually thousands and thousands.

So, are you now convinced that you should work with an accountant? If your answer is still no, let us walk you through some situations in which professional accounting advice can be valuable.

Writing your business plan

Are you in the process of developing your business plan?  Bring in an accountant on board and they’ll help you improve the plan. Accountants can use advanced software to predict the financial position of your business a couple of years down the road and also prepare various reports that give you valuable insights, allowing you to make key decisions.

Hiring accountants earlier on lets you utilise their financial knowledge and experience right from the start, helping you save time and money. You will also learn some critical things as well!

When determining the legal structure of your business

Every business has a different legal structure depending on various factors. The most common types include limited liability partnerships, limited liability corporations, sole proprietor and so on.  An accountant can explain each type in detail, along with associated legal implications so that you can select the one that best fits your needs.

Helping with finances

Business management appears too complex during the start-up phase. If you feel that you, spending too much or losing control over your finances, then reach out to an accountant and they’ll help you optimise them. They’ll evaluate your current situation, identifying areas where you’re overspending or can generate revenue and put a system in place for you to achieve it.

Accountants keep tabs on key metrics like debtor days, cash flow timings, inventory turnover, gross profit margin and return on assets, and identify revenue and expense drivers, providing you a good picture of your business performance. Moreover, they use advanced accounting software and add-ons that automate many tasks at your end and help you improve collaboration within your team.  If the software is in the cloud, you enjoy greater accessibility and security.

Focusing on your business

Running your own businesses means handling many different operations that fall under different areas. When you start spending too much time on these critical issues, you lose track or your basic purpose while also wasting your resources, as you cannot be expected to be an expert in all these areas.

But when you outsource operations like financial accounting and financial management, you get peace of mind and more time on your hands to deal with the bigger and more important issues in your business.

So, hand over your accounting tasks to an award-winning business like Higher Purpose Accounting. We’ll quickly set up a proper system for your business and take of other steps crucial to business stability and growth.