We simplify financial management for micro and small to medium Allied Health, NDIS and Not-for-profits so they can focus on their higher purpose.  Financial literacy is key to your business success.

Hi, I'm Steven

Is your business is overwhelmed with administration? Do you have cash in the bank when you really need it? Do you feel like you are all on your own?  If so, you need to talk to Higher Purpose Accounting, your expert financial management and business process advisor.   We help you get time back to serve more clients and earn more money.

HPA helps micro to medium businesses, like yours, to establish robust financial and administrative management, focusing on Systems, Education, Accountability and Sustainability.  We focus on Allied Health, not-for-profit and disability (NDIS) businesses providing handy resources and online courses to support you in your journey.

How Higher Purpose Accounting Started

All businesses have their WHY – that thing that we were passionate about, that we felt would help the lives of others. I started Higher Purpose Accounting advisory to help businesses simplify the complexities of their financial management.  And, in doing so achieve their higher purpose.

Higher Purpose Accounting Advisory focuses on supporting passionate businesses make a difference in our world.  You may feel the whole financial and administrative side is daunting and overwhelming.  It doesn't have to be!

Having spent 25+ years in commerce, public and not for profit organisations, I learnt the processes and the structure from these organisations can be adapted for use in all sizes of business. With a framework, automation and guidance, the process of running a business can be much more enjoyable.

Higher Purpose Accounting spends the time to clearly understand what drives each client's business and ultimately what outcomes it aims to achieve.

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