How the NDIS Can Work For You


The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is the biggest change in healthcare in Australia since the introduction of Medicare in the 1980’s.

In this book, Steven Franks will show you How the NDIS Can Work for You in your business.

  • All about what the NDIS is including the expected outcomes, the challenges and the opportunities
  • What systems and processes you need and why you need them plus how to implement and keep current
  • The importance of planning, marketing and key strategies to manage your business including regular reviews
  • Benefits of being involved with the NDIS, the players, compliance and getting paid

Although written for businesses operating within the NDIS environment, the concepts can be practically applied in any business.

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What our readers have to say:

"How the NDIS Can Work for You" is an incredible resource for any business working within the NDIS framework. Steven has masterfully created this book as a resource to help business owners not only navigate, but use the opportunity created by being an NDIS provider to ensure the highest levels of service care and quality are provided to the recipients of the NDIS.
Matt Alderton - Bx Networking

When I recently started a new business, I hadn't had much experience with financial matters. I found it very overwhelming Steven has helped take the stress out of the financial side of my business and guided me through the financial and administrative aspects of my business.
Sean Fitzgerald - Digital Technology Education - NDIS Provider